Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Interesting Places in Perlis

Padang Besar

The small town located near Malaysia-Thailand border is a meet point for Malaysian and Siamese people and also a heaven for shoppers. They a variety of stuffs here ranging from cutleries, clothing, foods, flowers to handcraft. The train station is guarded by Malaysian customs and Siamese customs at both ends. Other than the signboard; it is actually hard to differentiate which side is Malaysia and which side is Thailand due to the similar custom. 

 Easiest way to go to Padang Besar is by train from Kualu Lumpur Central (Langkawi Ekspress). You can also take bus from Puduraya straight to Kangar, Perlis, and then take a bus/taxi to Padang Besar. The journey is well worth it for shopaholic and food lovers alike.

Gua Kelam 

One of the most amazing cave in Malaysia that stretch up to 370 meters is Gua Kelam. It is located 33 kilometers from Kangar, which is the hometown of Perlis. It is popular due to the fact that you can enter from one way and come out from the other. It has a small river flowing through that is normally full with kids and adults alike.

The only way to go to this place is by a hanging bridge. It became popular while ago when an Englishman discovered that the cave was the easiest way to commute/transfer tin ore back and forth from a local mine to the bottom of the hill. You can still see the mining tools that being preserve by the government while walking through the cave.

Inside, you can hear the stream, bats and water drops from the stalactite that made a beautiful natural sound. This cave was also used back then by the ancient population. You are advice to take tour guide or follow another group of people.

To go here, you need to take a bus from Kangar bus station to the bottom of the hill and climb up. It will only take 10-15 minutes to climb up. The scenery will totally make up for all the hard work and tiredness.

Taman Ular dan Reptilia (Snake and Reptilia Park)

This park is surrounded by Bukit Bintang Forest Reserve near Sungai Batu Pahat. It is located 10-15 minutes from Kangar. This park is actually a Research and Development facility made to find anti-venom. It is the only park in Malaysia that has more than 20 snake species, not to mention  crocodiles and lizards.

This park has open park and closed exhibition room. The workers will actually help you if you want to take pictures with your family or loved one and not feel like you are being left out. If you are afraid of snakes, but still want to visit this park, come early in the morning. The snake wont be moving much since it is not their ‘active’ time yet.

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